JetEngage has a passion for developing sophisticated cutting-edge
consumer engaging technologies


We enhance traditional solutions creating a unique and revolutionary way to communicate
between brands and their consumers, celebrities and their fans
and special interest communities and their followers.



Create the ultimate audience platform for celebrities, brands and special interest communities

Increase your consumer base, retain loyalty,
or simply sell more

Enhance the contemporary and
drive traffic to your store

Keeping your passengers and guests entertained
while increasing interaction with your brand



All JetEngage’ cutting-edge consumer engaging technologies are anchored in our
globally patented modular build technology platforms named ‘Publicam’


Our world-class technology platforms are the critical building blocks that give our products and solutions
the technological capability to service the daily needs of billions of users globally

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is the core of all our products and solutions. Our AI technology enables us to better understand our users, their habits and preferences, providing them with a more unique user experience


Blockchain is the essential technology building block in our solution portfolio for virtual currency, customer rewards and loyalty points. In-App currencies and the Rewards Engine used throughout all our products and solutions are powered by blockchain

Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR) are being used in our constant development of next-gen sophisticated consumer engagement solutions and experiences. AR enables everything from navigation over gamification to special features bringing items, celebrities or characters in to your home.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Through the use of Virtual Reality technology, we create immersive experiences for our users. VR supports in-app experiences allowing the user to get close to the world of your celebrity, inviting them behind the scenes, play as the lead character in a game, and much more.

Video Streaming

Video Streaming technology is the heart of our OTT and Social applications. Our streaming platform supports adaptive streaming in up to 4K quality, Live as well as 360 degrees video streaming. All kept secure through Hollywood Studio approved DRM protection

Big Data

Using Big Data technology and capacities within analytics enables us to understand consumer behaviours and identify patterns which help us define and design new features, improve engagement and provide recommendations to our customers


With the strength of being a global operation, the company has developed unique and sophisticated
capabilities to enable growth of interest based digital communities


Leveraging advanced capabilities in Artificial Intelligence, video streaming and a multitude of other emerging
digital technologies, our mission is to enhance and enrich user experience for billions of people globally

36+ million

Overall users served through own products

2+ billion

Overall users served through own products and extended ecosystem

10+ million

Daily Active Users

5+ million

Monetised users


Client served worldwide


Strategic alliances with global partners




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