Cutting-edge technology prowess of top technical talent that spans the globe
empowers JetEngage to deliver exciting and innovative solutions.
But even ‘best in class’ technologies on its own won’t keep an audience continually engaged.


Through our passion for engaging people, combined with our roots within the entertainment industry,
JetEngage offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, which helps you to engage, communicate and
retain your consumers, fans and followers.


Allow us to join your journey and participate in your success,
by adding value through our highly experienced team within services such as
Game Creation, Creative Content Production, Celebrity & Influencer Managements well as Digital Marketing.


Jet-Play, part of the JetEngage family, was borne out of a deep love of game conceptualisation, development and publishing. Jet-Play is your full-service game development and live-ops arm with over 300 employees and six offices around the world.

We passionately keep our finger on the pulse of shifting trends in international gaming to ensure the entertainment never ends for our players!

Read more: www.jet-play.com


‘Music Boutique’ is our creative content production powerhouse, founded and led by India’s foremost creative professional, Shameer Tandon. ‘Music Botique’ is creating best in class digital music and video content as part of JetEngage’ global digital ecosystem in media, entertainment and sports.

Being exclusive ‘never seen before’ content or ‘behind the scene’ moments, created to bring celebrities closer to their fans or brands to their consumers, Music Boutique’s highly experienced team have specialised in production of everything from film shooting, music videos to interactive posts, blogs and articles. Let us take care of anything from the initial concept development to final production

Among other mind-blowing productions, Music Boutique both conceptualised and composed the TV adverts for LG’s 20th & 21st anniversary, which reached an amazing 267 million cumulative views.


Through in-depth understanding of both brands as well as celebrities and influencers, JetEngage has specialised in building bridge between these, ensuring that the interest of both parties are optimised.

Understanding the target demographic, cultural differences as well as brand values, we manage the entire process from concept to final campaign, while ensuring that content is created and being wrapped in the ultimate way to fit the target audience and maximise the value of the campaign.

We are proud to stand behind the campaign, bringing legendary cricket player, Sachin Tendulkar, together with Netflix promoting the launch of ‘Selection Day’ in India


Enabled by technology and anchored in on our experience working closely with Brands and Celebrities in the digital space, we’ve grown in to Digital Marketing Management capabilities, offering end-to-end campaign management.

Driven by insight and analytics, leveraging our vast portfolio of consumer engaging features, we create and manage campaigns helping you to engage, captivate and communicate with your target audience – where they are.

In the fragmented digital space, where the route between brands or celebrities and their consumers, fans and followers are short and instant, protecting your ‘reputation’ is paramount. JetEngage offers both technologies and services to provide comprehensive Online Reputation Management, monitoring and shaping the conversations around you or about you.

Our Digital Marketing Management team managed in only 18 months to help Sachin Tendulkar to increase his following from 45 Million to 70 Million across his social media channels.