JetEngage is a fundamental and key part of JetSynthesys. For more than 10 years, JetSynthesys has been developing cutting-edge consumer engaging technologies and revolutionary solutions already made available for India’s expanding 1.3 billion population.

Based on the globally patented technology platform, Publicam©, JetEngage was founded to make these technologies and solutions available for the global market.

By combining the best from e-commerce, digital entertainment and social media with sophisticated consumer engaging technologies,

we enhance contemporary solutions creating unique and revolutionary means to communicate between brands and their consumers, celebrities and their fans alongside special interest communities and their followers.

Conscious that engaging consumers, fans and followers require much more than cutting-edge technologies, we offer clients an invaluable managed end to end service. Through our global organisation, JetEngage provides a multitude of services within games creation, original content production, digital marketing management as well as celebrity & influencer management.