Create the ultimate audience platform for celebrities, brands and special interest communities by uniquely aggregating social media feeds, news, videos and photos. ‘Everything you need in one touch’.

Captive Destination has been solely created and designed as an all-encompassing channel to increase your followers and fundamentally expanding your customer base. By leveraging your social media channels, we have created an invaluable marketing tool for you to promote and ultimately drive customers in and back to your destination.

JetEngage offers a multitude of unique features to continually engage and retain consumers and followers. By owning the relationship, this allows you to create and increase incremental revenue streams through features such as; e-commerce, entertainment stores, sweepstakes, auctions, gamification, sponsorship, advertising and more.

The JetEngage Captive Destination platform combines the very best from social media, e-commerce and entertainment in a single user-friendly destination.



Digital entertainment has become the essential go-to for consumers.

Convenient and efficient for users, entertaining content marketing also creates a valuable mass market place for brand categories, with reward driven incentives and a versatile shareable medium, to reach, retain and engage, their target audience.

Whether you want to increase your consumer base, retain loyalty, or simply sell more, JetEngage offers a unique fully managed service or bespoke turnkey solution which includes an ‘all-in-one’ entertainment platform tailor-made for your brand.

The ‘Brand Engagement’ platform leverages your campaign to drive traffic to your own branded destination. This is designed for you to capture GDPR compliant consumer registrations, as well as user behaviour analytic data – JetEngage can help your brand engage with your desired demographic and build you a valuable and essential two-way interactive relationship.



The JetEngage ‘Marketplace You’ platform enables you to promote and sell your rights, whether it’s physical or digital products, in a single revolutionary ‘one touch shop’

By leveraging JetEngage’s unique and sophisticated engaging technologies, we don’t just create you a marketplace, we enable you to ultimately drive and increase traffic to your store.

By aggregating social media channels, consumers will be continually engaged and retained, promoting brand loyalty, through a host of enticing options. These include gamification, quizzes, polls, auctions and sweepstakes, resulting in an increase in incremental revenue streams.

By combining our cutting-edge consumer engaging platform with the best in e-commerce and digital content store solutions, will help propel your online marketplace to the next level.



In a world with relentless accessibility to Digital Entertainment offerings, users expect to be constantly entertained 24/7 wherever they are.

Whether your customers are on holiday, away on business, taking a weekend break or on a family day out, it’s never been more essential to keep them continually entertained and actively engaged with your brand.

Based on the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ proposition, the Entertain Anywhere Application, offers an exclusive branded environment. Using exciting and relevant content, including movies, music, games, magazines and TV shows, keeping you customers entertained while on the move

Alongside this, JetEngage offers industry tailor-suited value services. By integrating solutions such as e-commerce opportunities, augmented reality navigation as well as creating your own unique In-App currency with a loyalty points initiative we can maximise your customer’s retention.

Entertain Anywhere is designed to increase interaction with your brand. By offering innovative solutions, it will not only keep your customer’s fully entertained while on the move, but completely enhance and ease their entire journey and relationship with your brand.